March 21, 2020

In a split second, everything can change and with life-changing consequences. 

In October 2018, Todd Durkin, one of my fitness mentors, challenged me to identify and write down my core values and practices.  He asked:

What is YOUR PURPOSE on earth?  Why do you exist...

Long before I became involved in fitness and certified as a personal trainer, walking was my go-to activity and exercise.  Each day began with stretches.  Then I briskly walked a couple miles in time to get home, shower, and prepare the family breakfast.  My patience a...

February 25, 2020

Is In-Home Personal Training for You?

With the variety of excellent fitness options available in Franklin, why ask a trainer to come to your home? Your response to these questions is unique to YOU and your WHY.

Consider your WHY’s for in-home personal training:

  • You wa...

Hello, Franklin, NC!   

Thank you for your welcome.  I got here as soon as possible.   For years, whenever anyone asked, "Beach or mountains?", my answer was "MOUNTAINS!"  Western North Carolina has held my heart since childhood, and now my husband and I get to liv...

In a year's time, small indulgences have added up to a slow-but-sure weight gain of at least ten pounds.  It cannot be blamed on age, and what good does blame do anyway?  Regular exercise helps to hold down the weight gain, but is not the total answer. Small, stea...

September 6, 2019

Dear Lake Norman friends,

In October 2011, LKN Fit Life, LLC launched with the purpose of serving Lake Norman women who wanted their fitness needs and interests met with the guidance of an in-home personal trainer.  It makes my day to hear a client say, “I feel better a...

DEAR HER is a compilation of letters written by women to their younger selves,

encouragingthem with what they have learned in the years since middle and high school.  Leslie Trujillo, Deanna Cordova, and Kimberly Jones assembled a powerful collection of letters that wom...

Challenging myself--or yourself--is not limited to difficulty, intensity, or more time.  The challenge may be adding more variety, trying out a new class, trying out a bodyweight-only workout, or a mind-body session.  It could be learning how to breathe well.



The "core" is often envisioned as the six-pack abs, and thoughts of the abs are often accompanied by stress and frustration at their loss of "tone".  But the core is more than the six pack!  It is at least your entire torso from the top of the shoul...

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September 6, 2019

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