In a year's time, small indulgences have added up to a slow-but-sure weight gain of at least ten pounds.  It cannot be blamed on age, and what good does blame do anyway?  Regular exercise helps to hold down the weight gain, but is not the total answer. Small, stea...

DEAR HER is a compilation of letters written by women to their younger selves,

encouragingthem with what they have learned in the years since middle and high school.  Leslie Trujillo, Deanna Cordova, and Kimberly Jones assembled a powerful collection of letters that wom...



The "core" is often envisioned as the six-pack abs, and thoughts of the abs are often accompanied by stress and frustration at their loss of "tone".  But the core is more than the six pack!  It is at least your entire torso from the top of the shoul...

You were promised my theme word by New Year's Day.  It didn't happen! 

For all the right reasons, I was sidetracked by the birth of a beautiful grandson.  Then there followed a wonderful visit with my 97-year old mother, who moved to assisted living last year.  Where th...


That is the theme word I chose for 2018.  And ABUNDANCE was present--in working, simplifying, playing, traveling, transitioning, mourning, sharing, changing, craziness, and just being.  Here are some of ways ABUNDANCE presented itself:

  • Over time, a...

Body Shaming - alias "BS"- usually lurks in the shadows.

BS sits on your shoulder and compares you to others.  BS gets in your head and breaks down your confidence.  BS loves to make you feel bad about how you look, what you know, and tells you that you aren't that grea...

Just for starters, rest allows our bodies to heal and recover, to rebuild bones and tissues, and to renew the hormones that signal fullness when we eat.  With enough sleep, the hunger and stress hormones are held in check, aiding your efforts toward a healthy weight....

A daily ritual of best practices lays the foundation

for the excitement and satisfaction of reaching your personal goals.  

When my daily best practices are completed, my mind, spirit, and body have gotten on track.  Over time, best practices becomes second nature....

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July 25, 2020

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