Here is the inspiring story of Dr. Catherine Walter.   Now age 71, she started power lifting at age 65.  Power lifting is not for every woman, BUT there is some form of strength or resistance training that is right for YOU. How in the world do you know where to begin?...

September 11, 2018

After wiping the early morning sleepies from my eyes, l'll do a quick and easy warm up while waiting on the coffee to brew.  

Just for starters, rest allows our bodies to heal and recover, to rebuild bones and tissues, and to renew the hormones that signal fullness when we eat.  With enough sleep, the hunger and stress hormones are held in check, aiding your efforts toward a healthy weight....

A daily ritual of best practices lays the foundation

for the excitement and satisfaction of reaching your personal goals.  

When my daily best practices are completed, my mind, spirit, and body have gotten on track.  Over time, best practices becomes second nature....

This weekend, I'll show my Scottish roots at the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games! This is one reason I strive to keep healthy.

What is your "WHY"? Once you know that answer, then you have set the signpost that points down your fitness path. Have a great weekend!

For years, and even as a personal trainer, I was intimidated by training hard and intensely.  I might get hurt.  What would other people would think about me?  Would I look stupid trying out unfamiliar equipment and exercises? Fear almost became my nemesis....

A friend suffering from chronic pain goes to an alternative practitioner.  The treatments do no harm and may help her feel better and to heal.  However, FIFTEEN supplements are recommended to her!   That is insane!  Supplements can be quite expensive and are mostly unn...

At the Todd Durkin 3.5 Day Mentorship in February I was stretched and taken out of my comfort zone; met many new friends from all over the continent; heard stories and saw examples of how fitness and health can change lives for ourselves and others.  With that, all my...

To find out what really matters to you, just move!   After many years in our current home, we made an in-town, downsizing move.  Furniture and many items were given to family, friends, Habitat ReStore, and Goodwill.  There were many decisions and many items of sentimen...

Every woman has her innate gifts and strengths.  A client and I laughed as we compared ours.  She creates and understands complex financial reports that I find unfathomable.  I plan, teach, and remind her every single session how to perform exercises that we often repe...

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