• By Gwynn Lindler, LKN Fit Life

Just Show Up

Do you know a doctor who takes care of everyone but herself? A mechanic who repairs and maintains everyone's vehicle but his own? Or a personal trainer who loves to train her clients but can't get it together for her own training time? That's me, and that is why I joined a facility with challenging group sessions to help me get stronger and faster.

Today, my motivation lasted long enough to get me in the door. The choice was to remain at home and mope; or to join the group, just get through, and see what would happen. There were no magical moments, but it helped that a friend in the class texted a photo of my back squat and praised me for good form. A new acquaintance asked if I was an athlete. (Thank you, more than I used to be!) Small, kind gestures were gifts from sincere people which got me through the training and propelled me into the rest of this day.

Wherever you are, whatever is happening in your day, decide to show up and see what happens.

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