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  • By Gwynn Lindler, LKN Fit Life

An Announcement and an Invitation!


Gwynn Lindler of LKN Fit LIfe, LLC and Wanda Kukula of Fit Enterprises, LLC

are collaborating to make your fitness experience EVER better!

For even the most committed client, life is prone to happen! Vacations, illness, emergencies, and special occasions require rescheduling or cancelling of sessions. Setbacks in training are the result. To maintain training and scheduling continuity for our clients, we will tag-team for each other to keep our clients on track when one of us is not available. I am very excited to work more closely with a fitness professional like Wanda! You can read more about her fitness journey at


On Tuesday, June 20, be our guest for some complimentary samplings at Clean Juice-Davidson.

Please RSVP to insure we have some tasting samples for you!

Find the Evite link and details at

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