• By Gwynn Lindler, LKN Fit Life

What Am I Doing to Take Care of Myself?

“What am I doing to take care of myself?” As you read this, let it be a help or an inspiration to your own ideas. It is not a prescription. I am going to share with you some of my areas of struggle and what I have been trying to do over time—NOT all at once. One small change done consistently over time is powerful!

  • Sleep—I am a poor sleeper. In recent months, I have been trying to get off the electronics and away from screens at least an hour before bedtime. The bedroom overhead light is turned off, and a small lamp is turned on. I turn on a diffuser with lavender oil. Fluid intake is reduced after dinner to avoid nighttime trips to the bathroom. I keep my pre-bedtime reading and music enjoyable and calming.

  • Down Time—Sunday for me is a day for rest, reflection, worship, and recreation. Work is done if it is urgent and unavoidable. Whenever recreation begins to feel like work, then it’s time to stop. 😊

  • Choices—What one choice can I make today that will help me avoid making a thousand choices later on? This question is in the book Essentialism, which I've just begun to read. This one question is worth the price of the book!

  • Mind/Body

  • Getting a massage at least once a month.

  • Getting away to a nearby retreat center for the day. My original goal was to do this once a month, but it has ended up being once a quarter.

If this provides some inspiration for your own self-care, I hope that you will share them with me. Thank you and I hope you are having a wonderful day.

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