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  • By Gwynn Lindler, LKN Fit Life

Maintaining Your Core

To find out what really matters to you, just move! After many years in our current home, we made an in-town, downsizing move. Furniture and many items were given to family, friends, Habitat ReStore, and Goodwill. There were many decisions and many items of sentimental nature to process. Sometimes just talking about an item's special memory or meaning was enough to process the nostalgia before passing it on for another's enjoyment. I asked, "Am I 90% sure I want to keep this?" Or, "How many other decisions will I have to make if I DO keep this?" My life and time is precious. The value of relationships grows ever stronger, and that is how I want to spend my time.

In times of stress, what may help you maintain your core stability-mentally, physically, emotionally?

  • Tending to your personal fitness needs. Exercise and movement is non-negotiable! It will get you through.

  • Sharing memories verbally or in writing-a phone call, journalling, mailing a note

  • Having a regular morning time of meditation, prayer, setting of intention

  • Maintaining a "Client First" focus in business

  • Remaining active in local community--church, the gym, business groups, etc.

  • Reaching out to the friends and family who mutually share significant events and moments

  • Slowing down at the end of the day with a relaxing pre-bedtime ritual--lowering the lights, getting away from electronic screens, peaceful music

  • Eating whole, healthy food

  • Planning for a mindset and schedule of self-care

What is YOUR core? How do you maintain and grow through your life changes?

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