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  • By Gwynn Lindler, LKN Fit Life

Do You Need Supplements?

A friend suffering from chronic pain goes to an alternative practitioner. The treatments do no harm and may help her feel better and to heal. However, FIFTEEN supplements are recommended to her! That is insane! Supplements can be quite expensive and are mostly unnecessary.

There is no substitute for good, fresh, nutritious food!

There are so many good food options and preparations, that we have every reason for eating nutritiously and well. It is best to buy and consume whole, fresh food products that are processed as little as possible. If you wonder whether you have any deficiencies that require supplementation, check with your doctor.

Which are the common nutrient deficiencies?

"5 Nutrient Deficiencies You Need to Know About".

What do you really know about the supplements you are taking right now? offers evidence-based information on a wide range of supplements.

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