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You Are Stronger Than You Know!

For years, and even as a personal trainer, I was intimidated by training hard and intensely. I might get hurt. What would other people would think about me? Would I look stupid trying out unfamiliar equipment and exercises? Fear almost became my nemesis.

At the same time--in the past decade--the results of DEXA scans showed a continuing decline in my bone density --discouraging! Enough already! Two and one-half years ago, I set the goal to improve my bone density and to reverse osteopenia. With that goal in mind, I visited a local gym known for training adults and children of all fitness levels and getting results. Twice I got nervous and walked out. The third time I signed up for an introductory class. Then I signed up for another. Then I joined and stayed and became part of the community who encouraged me through many tough but doable group training sessions. With time, consistency, and good nutrition, I got stronger.

Yesterday--two and one-half years after that first training class--the next DEXA scan was done. The results were mixed but clear. Bone loss STOPPED in my left hip, and even slightly IMPROVED. In my right hip, there was some bone loss, but the rate of loss SLOWED significantly. My next goal is to completely halt all bone loss and to get all those numbers moving upward in a bone-building direction.

DITCH the itty-bitty two-pound dumbbells! Most women are capable of training at higher intensities and reaping the benefits of improved health, strength, and mental outlook. Do you want strong bones? More strength and endurance? Better hormonal balance? A mood-lifter? Some or all of these are achieved over time by strength training. If you have any questions or fears about potential restrictions, then see your doctor for clearance and get going.

For women who live in the Lake Norman area and want professional, customized, in-home instruction, I'm here to help with professional, personalized in-home personal training. We can do this!

Call or text me at (704)236-1319 for a complimentary consultation, and I will meet you at a local coffee shop or cafe. Your drink is on me. Let's GO! Let's get STRONG!

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