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  • By Gwynn Lindler, LKN Fit Life

Looking Back at 2018-Abundance


That is the theme word I chose for 2018. And ABUNDANCE was present--in working, simplifying, playing, traveling, transitioning, mourning, sharing, changing, craziness, and just being. Here are some of ways ABUNDANCE presented itself:

  • Over time, and with commitment, clients got traction in their efforts to get stronger. With each choice they made for one small, healthy change, some reached tipping points and their bodies began to noticeably align with their healthier choices.

  • When my personal life got crazy, I stopped spreading out and went deeper, by doubling down with great service and care to each client.

  • Sorting, giving away, and tossing 20+ years of accumulation

  • Listing our home for sale

  • Moving into an apartment

  • Helping to transition my mother from her home of 60 years to assisted living

  • The death of three aunts and one cousin

  • Reconnecting with relatives at a reunions and funerals

  • Wonderful travels and vacation

  • Being a better friend to my husband

  • Deepening of existing friendships

  • Practicing that I am only responsible for myself

  • Realizing that trying to change others to make me feel better does not work

  • Changing myself and living with respect to my personal boundaries

  • Respecting the boundaries of others

None of the above has anything to do with personal training, does it? Yes, EVERYTHING! My goal was 3 sessions per week sessions, and they helped keep me strong in mind and body; to deal flexibly with each day's demands; and to keep stress and anxiety at bay. What's good for my clients is also good for me!

So, that is enough for now. If you want to know my theme for 2019, then check out my blog on New Year's Day. May God bless you daily and give you His hope during this holiday and Christmas season.

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