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  • By Gwynn Lindler, LKN Fit Life

My Theme Word for 2019-Fearless!

You were promised my theme word by New Year's Day. It didn't happen!

For all the right reasons, I was sidetracked by the birth of a beautiful grandson. Then there followed a wonderful visit with my 97-year old mother, who moved to assisted living last year. Where there are good relationships, it is good to keep them alive and fresh.

FEARLESS is my theme word for 2019. It will not happen all at once, and it may never happen completely. I don’t want to be fearless to the point of becoming reckless. However, in reviewing my journal entries from 2018, I harbored fear about so many things, to the point that sometimes it seemed like an emotional drowning. I needed more than pats on the back or a few good phrases to snap out of it. I went to my doctor for a full physical and blood work and followed her recommendations. She commended me for consistently exercising, at least 3-times per week.

Becoming FEARLESS involves little actions of FEARING LESS. Taking responsibility for myself through good self-care--medical attention, more and better sleep, talking out my fears, eating healthy, and exercise helped to reduce many of my fears from phantom giants to the pipsqueaks that they really are.

Exercise? Some days, it was all I could do to show up. Once the class began, there were always friends in the group who encouraged me to keep going. It was enough. Who needs perfect anyway? I got through, became stronger, and often had a surge of feel-good endorphins that helped me through the rest of the day. Especially, my personal training clients received my best.

When FEAR shows up, I ask myself "If it all goes wrong, what is the worst that can happen?” It helps to sort out the fears that really matter from those that don't. Risking the discomfort of FEARLESS is so much better and is feeding my desire for adventure!

Take responsibility for yourself and your body. Be FEARLESS.

YOU are worth it!

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