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  • By Gwynn Lindler, LKN Fit Life

Benefits of a Strong and Stable Core


The "core" is often envisioned as the six-pack abs, and thoughts of the abs are often accompanied by stress and frustration at their loss of "tone". But the core is more than the six pack! It is at least your entire torso from the top of the shoulders to the bottom of the hips and buttocks. All the muscles and connective tissues that support the spine are part of the core. When any are over-tight or overstretched, the body will let you know there's a problem! Lower back pain, tight hamstrings, and rounded, painful "computer" shoulders are frequent offenders.

A strong core contributes to the ease of living, listed at

  • Everyday acts

  • On-the-job tasks

  • A healthy back

  • Sports and other pleasurable activities

  • Housework, fix-it work, and gardening

  • Balance and stability

  • Good posture

Core strengthening does not require a gym membership, expensive home equipment, or hours of time. It does take consistency and patience, one's own body weight, and small objects like a tennis ball, or perhaps a few light to moderate weight dumbbells. Core strengthening exercises are generally small and controlled movements that teach body awareness and how it feels to be strong, controlled, balanced, and stable for all daily activities.

A strong and stable core is the starting point and base for all other physical activities. When you are ready to address your own core needs, I invite you to check out Sara Lewis' program, Restore the Core. I think you will be pleased with her clear and commonsense explanations and simple-to-follow demos.

You can read about it here: Restore the Core

There are two programs:

  • Restore the Core for Improving Posture & Movement.

  • Restore the Core for Post Partum Moms.

Both offer a free download for the first week. This is NOT a high pressure, high intensity program and it WILL help you get your core strong and stable for your next fitness and lifestyle ventures.

Try it here: Restore the Core

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