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Challenging My Limits

Part of taking care of myself is to participate in an intensive group training session at least three times a week. For all the other days of the week, my physical activity includes all the trips up and down the stairs to our third-floor apartment, or taking walks outside. They are refreshing and informal breaks in the middle of each day's business, but not really a challenge. What is next?

A trainer friend in another state issued the challenge to track myself through MyZone--at least 30 minutes of daily training or exercise in March. It is whatever I wish to do--just get moving! Yesterday I took a brisk walk on a treadmill-varying the incline for intensity-while reading a book. Today it was a group training session. Tomorrow may be a whole-body strength session following one of my favorite online instructors.

Challenging myself--or yourself--is not limited to difficulty, intensity, or more time. The challenge may be adding more variety, trying out a new class, trying out a body weight-only workout, or a mind-body session. It can be learning how to breathe well.

So, while I have committed to 30 minutes of daily activity during March, what is your challenge? Don't overthink. The challenge is probably right under your nose, and pushes your limits. Choose ONE thing only to do consistently for the remainder of March. It does not need to be exercise, but your pick of something that will improve your health and well-being.

P.S. When we see each other around Lake Norman, ask me how my challenge is going. And I will ask you the same!

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