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  • By Gwynn Lindler, LKN Fit Life

Guidance to Your Younger Self: "Dear Her"

DEAR HER is a compilation of letters written by women to their younger selves,

encouraging them with what they have learned in the years since middle and high school. Leslie Trujillo, Deanna Cordova, and Kimberly Jones assembled a powerful collection of letters that women wrote to their younger selves. The athletic endeavors of all of the contributors influenced and transformed their lives, and they share those lessons. But DEAR HER is not about really about athletics. It's so much more! I highlighted passages and eventually gave it up, or I would have highlighted the entire book. Each letter is like a jewel drawn out of a treasure chest. Each jewel is a stunner on its own. The next one can't possibly be as wonderful, but it is.

This book is a keeper for women of all ages. Adult women will be encouraged that it is never too late to plan and live into their dreams. (That's my story.) High school and college-age women will find support for being strong, accepting their differences, and stop living the comparison game. Middle-school girls will find the support and courage to believe in themselves, regardless of the head trash others may throw at them.

Grandparents, read this with your granddaughters. Mothers and fathers, read it with your daughters. Coaches, read DEAR HER if you want to understand what will help a young woman to grow up strong, self-responsible, courageous, believing in herself and her team.

DEAR HER has just been released and you can find it here:

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