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Be and Live What You Love!

Hello, Franklin, NC!

Thank you for your welcome. I got here as soon as possible. For years, whenever anyone asked, "Beach or mountains?", my answer was "MOUNTAINS!" Western North Carolina has held my heart since childhood, and now my husband and I get to live here. It will be a pleasure to meet you in and around Franklin.

As a fitness professional for over 20 years; a certified personal trainer for over 14 years; and a business owner for 8+ years; I've helped women transition their mindsets from just wanting to "lose 20 pounds" or "look like they did at age ____". Women are taking the long view and asking themselves how to put more life in their years. Their lifestyle habits are shifting toward better nutrition, more sleep and hydration, improving balance, stability, mobility, and building strength. Yes, STRENGTH! A woman who wants to prepare for the joy of all her favorite lifestyle activities needs to add strength to her fitness habits.

Is that possible without hulking, heavy equipment? Is it even a little bit fun? The answer is a resounding YES! Watch me bring a backpack into your home filled with all you need for a challenging, uplifting, and motivating training time. You will tell me what matters to YOU--your desires, pain points, and WHY it matters to you. Together we will sort out a training plan that works for you right there in your home. Your improvements will be your source of joy, while you build up the physicality that you need to live life fully on YOUR terms.

It all begins with a no-pressure complimentary consultation. We meet at a local coffee shop or cafe for a low-key visit and your drink is on me. Your fitness concerns are my focus and they blaze the path for your fitness journey. My job is to plan, guide, and cooperate with you on your journey. I invite you to contact me for the consult and it will be a pleasure to meet you! Take good care and God bless you and your day.


Gwynn Lindler

Gwynn Lindler Fitness


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