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Why Should You Train In-Home?

Is In-Home Personal Training for You?

With the variety of excellent fitness options available in Franklin, why ask a trainer to come to your home? Your response to these questions is unique to YOU and your WHY.

Consider your WHY’s for in-home personal training:

  • You want the coaching of an experienced female trainer who is like you and understands the needs of the 55-and-up woman.

  • You want to train in the comfort zone of your personal home space.

  • You may have goals such as: to attain a healthy weight, decrease stress, improve sleep, work on healthy eating habits, etc.

  • You may have a specific, time-dated goal to prepare for.

  • You want an effective training plan designed just for you.

  • You want to improve your body awareness and improve in good form and techniques.

  • You want to be coached in pain-free alternatives that strengthen, stretch, increase endurance, balance, etc.

  • You want to reap the results of looking and feeling better in body, mind, and spirit.

  • You love your life and activities and love to get on with your day after in-home personal training.

  • You want to maintain continuity with online training.

  • You know that YOU matter and that your self-care is key!

Questions? Let's meet at a local cafe or coffee shop for a visit and complimentary consult. Your drink is on me. It will be a pleasure to meet you and to hear about your interests and goals for your fitness journey. If you want to get started with in-home training, we will set the arrangements in motion. Thank you!

Contact me at: 704-236-1319

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