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  • Gwynn Lindler, ACE-CPT

Macon County and Walking Go Hand in Hand

Long before I became involved in fitness and certified as a personal trainer, walking was my go-to activity and exercise. Each day began with stretches. Then I briskly walked a couple miles in time to get home, shower, and prepare the family breakfast. My patience and resilience were frequently stretched with the demands of budgeting, managing, making do, and mothering. Walking was free therapy. When my emotions ran high, walking was my relief valve. A mid-day walk provided social connection with my neighbors and a mental break from the task at hand. Exposure to nature--rain or shine--was a great reset for the rest of the day. To summarize, walking was affordable, improved my mood and self-esteem, got me outside into nature, and was an opportunity to socialize. All this remains true to the present.

The walking opportunities in and around Franklin are abundant, inviting, and enjoyable. How wonderful to have access to the Little Tennessee Greenway, the Appalachian Trail, parks and paths just a few minutes from home! According to the American Council on Exercise, some of the researched and proven benefits of walking contribute to:

  • Reduced blood cholesterol

  • Lowered blood pressure

  • Increased cardiovascular endurance

  • Improved bone strength

  • Calorie burn and weight control

Make walking your daily go-to habit. Make it a priority and give it as much time as you can. Train yourself in the daily habit. I’ll see you on the greenway or the AT! Take good care and thank you.

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