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Some Things Don't Change

In a split second, everything can change and with life-changing consequences.

In October 2018, Todd Durkin, one of my fitness mentors, challenged me to identify and write down my core values and practices. He asked:

What is YOUR PURPOSE on earth? Why do you exist? What is your mission?

I answered:

  • To authentically build up my husband, grown children and clients

  • To speak truth and honesty to all with great care

  • To remain strong-physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually

  • To encourage a healthy lifestyle in women and affirm their sound thinking, actions, and plans

Todd asked, “What is your CORE FOCUS / unique ability / niche?”

I said:

  • Women over 50

  • Believing in my clients

  • Believing that every woman has strengths

  • Knowing that physical strength clarifies and enhances a woman’s strengths

His most challenging question was: How would you like your ENERGY to shift?

I answered:

  • To appreciate my life and surroundings and make the most of it, even when the future is not clear.

  • To be present.

  • To go from shrinking and apologizing to TAKING UP SPACE AND LOVING IT.


Events and circumstances will happen.

You and I will adjust.

Who you are at your core will accept the challenge and define it as your opportunity to become better, wiser, and stronger.

Remember that physical strength, balance, and mobility will equip you to showcase and use all your other strengths to live and serve well.

Have a great weekend and enjoy taking up


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