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Bushwhacking the Brain

My youngest sister is a bushwhacker. Simply skirting around the premises and observing is not for her. Neither is turning back if there is a fallen tree or a thicket blocking the path. She will knock about it with her hiking stick to scare out any snakes, then climb over or through. An abandoned house needs to be investigated. The door is locked? Then let’s find an unlocked window. Or, who cares if an old house under renovations has security camera warnings? I’m just looking in the windows. Besides, the cemetery on the property may be where some of our ancestors are buried!

Recently, we hiked a trail that skirted a mountain peak. She departed the trail, climbing upward towards the peak, and I followed. The woods were not as open as they seemed. After some pauses to identify plants, we reached the crest and took some selfies, then bushwhacked down hill to the trail.

My sister is going to choose the least traveled trail or road and pushes me beyond my familiar safe zone, but not for my sake. It’s just who she is and this is what she does. She calls me out and I can trust her to be there in my zone of discomfort. Later, we can reminisce and laugh.

Your personal default habits are a well-worn trails in your brain. When you intentionally change your routine or begin a new habit, your brain will bushwhack a new habit trail. It is uncomfortable and feels all wrong! It is slow going, two steps forward and one step back.

For example, last week I dropped the ball on tracking my food intake, especially protein and vegetables. (Getting enough carbs is never a problem!) This week I posted a new tracking sheet and started over. With each week of “walking the trail”--keeping that checklist of healthy eating--the trail gets easier and eventually it will become habitual. The former default habit trail will grow over with disuse.

Consistent healthy habits will blaze trails that become well-worn the more you do it!

Do something TODAY to add LIFE to your years!

Walk it. Stretch it. Lift it. MOVE IT!

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