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My Favorite Free Fitness Apps

My personal requirements for a free fitness app are:

  • It is not a “teaser” offer with time or use limitations

  • It offers a basic always-free side with lots of content and value.

  • It is straightforward and easy to use.

  • It may offer a paid upgrade, which is fine if it does not impair my use of the free side.

Rock My Run:

  • The free option side of this music app allows me to choose my favorite music genre, mood, activity, and beats per minute (BPM).

  • Explicit content can be turned off.

  • There is no login requirement.

Map My Walk:

  • Owned by UnderArmour

  • It maps and times my walks, hikes, and runs

  • Estimates the calorie burn based on the chosen activity

  • Estimates the steps per minute, minutes per mile, elevation gains, distance, and duration

  • Extra Value! It offers a wide variety of workouts based on sport, equipment (or not), time, intensity, etc.

  • Connects to MyFitnessPal


This is an awesome app! Coach Kozak and Claudia train together and have produced thousands of videos.

  • They are so encouraging, easy to understand, and down-to-earth real.

  • They always demonstrate the progressions from easiest to most difficult.

  • The search feature is easy to navigate.

  • Workouts are grouped by time, equipment, muscle groups, training goals, etc.

  • Fitness levels range from limited mobility/seated to advanced.

  • A paid upgrade offers complete monthly programming

Down Dog:

  • No log in required

  • The home page is easy to navigate

  • The options are clear and varied for your interests and needs. More neck stretches? More breathing? You’ve got it!

Fitness Circuit Timer:

I'm looking for a replacement for Gym Boss. If you know of a free, easy-to-set up timer, please share!

What are your favorite fitness apps and why?

Please share your responses on my Facebook page, Gwynn Lindler Fitness!

Today, do something that adds more life to your years!

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