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Protein Intake for Women Over 50

How much protein is recommended for women over 50?

This is an often debated question. The RDA minimum is .36 gram of protein / pound of body weight. At my current weight of 148 lbs. and using the RDA calculation, my minimum protein requirement is 53 grams. Is that enough? If I eat more protein will it be harmful?

There is backing for women over 50 to eat more than the RDA minimum of protein, in part because of these factors:

  • After age 50 and even more after age 60, protein requirements increase.

  • More protein is needed to combat muscle loss

  • Higher activity levels require more protein intake

  • Sufficient protein supports a healthy fat loss goal or the increase of muscle mass.

Using the more realistic protein calculator found here, and based on my active lifestyle and choice of goals (maintenance, muscle gain, fat loss), my personal calculations indicate a range of 94-121 grams of protein per day. That is a huge increase from the RDA minimum of 53 grams!

After years of living with the RDA mindset, I’m changing my ways by eating more protein.

What does 94-121 grams of protein look like? In addition to meat, fish, and chicken, there are many other sources that will help me fulfill my needs. Check out some protein food lists and serving sizes here, here, and here. First, check with your physician for any medically indicated concerns. Otherwise, if you had fears of eating too much protein, stop worrying and start eating! Eating more protein is a practice I can get behind!

Today, Remember to do Something to add LIFE to Your Years!


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