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A Better Way to Eat Well and Sustainably-No Dieting!

Where are the best fitness resources? For those who do not have their own personal trainer, who can you follow to get better? Isn’t it frustrating to be led along with bits of good (but incomplete) information, only to find a sales pitch at the end, that you will not receive ALL the benefit unless you buy? I am frustrated by those pitches, too!

Gwynn Lindler Fitness wants you to be healthier and stronger, whether or not we train together. This month and in the coming months, I will feature fitness resources of great value that stand on their own. What is this month’s special value? It is The Ultimate Macro Calculator from Precision Nutrition.

The Ultimate Macro Calculator is a guide to healthier eating choices and is NOT a diet. What is the measuring guide for your food? Your HAND!

The guide explains it, and your individual eating preferences and goals are respected. Try out this complementary version for yourself. You will be asked for your email to deliver the download. If you do not want further emails, simply unsubscribe after you receive the download of your personalized plan.

As a Precision Nutrition certified coach, I can attest to the evidence-based value of what you are about to receive. There is also a huge, free resource library of courses and articles at Precision Nutrition's website, no registration needed! Would you like to have a Facebook Q and A to respond to your comments and questions about The Ultimate Macro Calculator? Let me know.

Thank you!

Do Something Today that adds LIFE to your YEARS!

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