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Fitness Gifts for Your Wish List

Right now there are some great sales for fitness equipment. And after more than 20 years as a fitness professional, some items have stood the test of time and adapted with my changing body. Let me share them with you.


• Stability Ball

• Resistance Tubes

• Cushioned Mat

• Free Weights


• Closed Loop Rubber Bands with Handle Attachments and Door Anchor

• FitFighter

• 36-inch Foam Roller

• Body Weight (This is the best, no purchase required!)


Among many excellent companies, these are my choice for their reliable service, quality products, and good reputation.

Black Mountain Products

35% off on their entire catalog through Monday, November 29.

• Their product line is proprietary with no other brands.

• Customer service is personable and responsive.

• Their quality resistance tubes are my go-to, even when they are not on sale.

To see BMP resistance tubes in action, go here.


BLACK FRIDAY SALE | Save 30%* plus free ground shipping on all orders

• The TRX suspension trainer fits easily into a backpack or suitcase.

• The TRX e-newsletter is educational and helpful.

To see TRX in action, go here.

PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbells

PowerBlock is ranked among the top-rated adjustable dumbbell brands.

• It has an innovative design that is easy to adjust and use.

• 3-lb. weight add-ons nest inside one another. A fully loaded dumbbell in this set weighs 24 lbs.

• PowerBlock reviews can be found on YouTube.

To see PowerBlock in action go here.

Resistance Band Training:

Check the webpage for current deals.

• RBT bands are heavy-duty closed loop stretch bands, bought singly or in sets with accessories.

• Dave Schmitz is owner, trainer, and physical therapist in his 50's. He responds personally to phone calls and emails.

• RBT provides a wealth of free educational support.

• RBT's annual subscription to online programming is high in value.

To see RBT in action, go here.


20% off All Gear and Programs.

10% Off Your First Order with Email Opt-In

• FitFighter gained a national audience on Shark Tank when inventor and Army veteran Sarah Apgar demonstrated the FitFighter steelhose. Daniel Lubetsky, the founder of KIND, became her Shark sponsor.

• The FitFighter is made from firehose filled with steel beads and comes in weights starting at 5 lbs. It's use calls forth one's strength, stability, mobility, and balance.

• Live and pre-recorded class programming for all ability levels is available for $10 per month.

To see FitFighter in action, go here.

More Black Friday specials are in these comprehensive fitness catalogs.

• Power Systems:

• Perform Better:

• Spri:

Give a thought to what matters for YOUR health and fitness!

The seductive siren song of products, plans, and supplements is overwhelming!

Others will try to diminish your sense of self-worth to make you buy. Don't let it happen!

Remember to do something TODAY that adds LIFE to your YEARS!

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