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A Tasty, Healthy Swap for Chocolate Cake


Who thinks up these special days?

I am a believer in enjoying the small pleasures. If there is a chocolate cake with buttercream frosting nearby, I’m there! Sunday is dessert day, which is often a slice of bakery cake shared with my husband. We can enjoy a treat without the leftovers to tempt us. On weekdays, an after-lunch square of dark chocolate is enough to satisfy my sweet tooth, preventing the temptation to overindulge.

During 2021, I have been looking for great-tasting, satisfying swaps for the foods that are easy to overeat. (Have you guessed that one of them is chocolate?) This recipe for chocolate protein bars pumps up the nutritional load, and is so deliciously satisfying on days when chocolate cake is calling my name. Chocolate Power Protein Bars

To be candid, I did not made this recipe exactly as written. There were no dates in the house, so dried cherries were substituted. In the absence of instant oatmeal, I subbed in steel cut oatmeal, which gives the filling a crunch similar to quinoa. For the branded chocolate protein powder, vanilla whey protein and a rounded spoonful of cocoa powder were subbed in. Save some trouble and forget dipping the bars in chocolate. Instead, give them a generous drizzle.

With a five-star rating on this recipe, you are a winner for trying it exactly as written. Have fun playing with your food and let me know how it turns out.

Chocolate Power Protein Bars


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