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Judging Ourselves with Numbers?

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Weighing and measuring can be helpful, but are not my favorite means

of assessing clients.

Although they are just that--numbers--we choose to believe a negative message about ourselves.

We have just handed over our self worth to a device. It cannot know us personally, or the children and people we have nurtured, our accomplishments and achievements, the kind and comforting words we have spoken, or our sacrificial gifts of time and resources.

It's too easy to judge ourselves by numbers. Our self-judgment often revolves around our weight, tape measures, and the numbers on the scale.

This is how I use numbers to help my clients and me:

At the start of every session, I ask, "On a scale of 1 to 10, what is your number today?"

"10" is just AWESOME, as good as it can possibly be. "1" is just HORRIBLE, as low as you can get. The client decides her own number and what it means to her. Does it describe her emotional state? Did she eat an extra vegetable every day for a week? Did she eat junk food on her breaks? Did she stand up and stretch every hour, on the hour? Is her back is in pain? Is her life full of stressors? Did she walk or exercise most days?

Recently, at the beginning of a 30-minute online Zoom session, a client said her number was a "5". She felt "bad." We began with a prepared plan of gentle bodyweight exercise. She soon informed me that her back was bothering her. What could we do to make it feel better? We backed down even more and spent the remainder of the session doing very gentle yoga-inspired moves and stretches. At the end of the session, she declared that she felt like a "7" or "8". Her back felt better and her spirits lifted.

This is what Gwynn Lindler Fitness is all about--guiding each woman into feeling better, getting stronger, and developing resilience for her lifestyle needs and demands.

How may I help YOU? Contact me for a complimentary, no pressure consultation.

Today, remember to do something that adds LIFE to your YEARS!

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