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  • Gwynn Lindler

Slow Down to Speed Up

Sometimes it is necessary to slow down in order to speed up. For most of this week, I have been sluggish. Was it the hike with the new walking poles? They require a different technique than trekking poles, and it was more strenuous than anticipated. Was it the constant adjustments and pivots catching up from a year of COVID? Is it the resurgence of social interaction after a year of isolation? Whatever! I’m sluggish!

My mentor, Todd Durkin, says sometimes you must slow down in order to speed up. Sluggishness is not something to fight. It is to be honored and given a place, at least for a time. Take time to rest and recover. Eat well, hydrate, sleep well, keep moving, but don't beat the body up. Have fun. Relax. Be with those we love. If necessary, see a doctor or professional that will help us to come back rested and ready. Whether for an afternoon, a weekend, or a full-out vacation, remember to slow down to speed up.

Today, remember to do something that adds LIFE to your YEARS!

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