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Snooze You Lose? Move You Lose? YES! Why? How?

Just for starters, rest allows our bodies to heal and recover, to rebuild bones and tissues, and to renew the hormones that signal fullness when we eat. With enough sleep, the hunger and stress hormones are held in check, aiding your efforts toward a healthy weight.

What is one small change that will improve your sleep? What about dimming the lights in the bedroom 30 minutes before bedtime? Playing peaceful music? Going to bed 5 minutes earlier? Getting away from screens sooner?

Daily and consistent movement is the key for reaching and maintaining a healthy weight and for reducing the risk or symptoms of chronic diseases including Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, asthma, stroke, and depression.

What is one small behavior change that will get more activity into your day? What about leaving the desk for five minutes every half hour? Or parking further away? Taking stairs instead of an elevator? Marching in place during commercial breaks?

Pick one or make up your own small--really small--behavior change that you are 90% sure to do for two weeks. Share it on the Gwynn Lindler Fitness Facebook page and so we can celebrate each other's victories when we have done it! Small victories lead to LASTING results!

Do Something Today that Adds LIFE to Your YEARS!

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