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What is My Theme Word for 2021?

Mine is VANILLA. Yes. You heard it right!

You may ask what is so great about "plain vanilla?" If you have a bottle of vanilla flavoring in your kitchen, read the label. Do you see the word "imitation?" If so, there may be a synthetic and likely petrochemical-based flavor in your bottle. Although imitation vanilla may taste good, it can also unfairly influence our opinion of authentic vanilla.

What does this have to do with the age 55+ women who train with Gwynn Lindler Fitness? Hang with me, I'm getting there! First, a few facts about real vanilla:

  • It is the seed pod of the vanilla orchid, and is labor intensive to grow.

  • It's flavor varies according the country or region where it is grown.

  • It has multiple enhancing uses, not only culinary.


  • Each of my clients wants to be heard and understood as real and authentic in her own right.

  • She wants to develop her unique fitness flavor that is foundational to manifesting her inner calling.

  • She requests fitness training to support her aspirations and strengths.

My online and in-home personal training will always include basic and needed fitness ingredients. However, each client is up-served because her own special vanilla is at the heart of her customized session.

What is MY special vanilla?

Being curious. Asking questions. Being present. Affirmation. Listening. Always learning. Taking good care of myself. Eating good food. Growing good food. Challenging and doable physical activity. Bluegrass and traditional music. And other things.

What is YOUR theme word for 2021?

It is your special word, not up for anyone else's judgment or critique. When I shared my theme vanilla with a group of friends, I felt silly and waited for the laughter. No one laughed! They took it at face value and were curious and affirming.

NO ONE can choose for you. It is YOUR special word alone and is not set in stone. It can be changed if you wish. If you like, share it as a comment or as a message at

TODAY, remember to do something that adds LIFE to your years!


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