For a Life Without Limits

“I appreciate your knowledge and encouragement!  You have gotten me over the hump of worrying that I would injure myself with any exercise, and I'm so grateful to you for that.”  Leslie B.

" I trained with Gwynn for a year and a half and she’s awesome! She helped me get back on track fitness-wise after a move. She was very tuned in to helping me achieve my goals by designing a research-based aerobic and strength training plan just for me. Gwynn presented it in such a friendly, clear way—it was the perfect mix of learning, challenge, encouragement, and fun. Thanks, Gwynn!"  Jodi W.


"If your home or office space is small, I recommend you don’t let that keep you from trying out the mobile personal fitness service of Gwynn Lindler. I was amazed at how resourceful she is in training me in my small space – a condo. We employed a dining chair, the wall, a counter top and even the post on my balcony in our routines! Furthermore, having a trainer with her expertise helps me to do the exercises correctly – to achieve the desired effect."  Suzanne F.

" I have had the pleasure of working with, and learning from Gwynn for approximately 3 years. When we met, I had never worked with a trainer, nor enjoyed or participated in physical activity of any kind. At 52 I knew I needed to find a way to be more fit, live a healthier lifestyle. Since day one, Gwynn has been respectful, encouraging and made me feel capable of achieving my goals. She keeps enough variety in our workouts to keep them interesting, and Gwynn is always pushing me just enough to improve. I think she is a wonderful, caring and conscientious trainer.Frances D.


Client Success Stories

Can you identify a time:

  • When you got off track health-wise because of injuries or business?  

  • Or perhaps you simply did not know how to begin an exercise habit that fit your personality and lifestyle? 

  • Or how to exercise without hurting yourself?

  • Or when your healthy exercise habits simply fell off the radar?

What if you have no clue of what exercises to do, where to begin, or how to continue?

A client is a professional and business owner.  She wants to remain healthy and become stronger in order to enjoy her family and grandchildren who live nearby.    Walking her dog is the extent of her daily exercise. She wants to maintain her balance, mobility, and stability.  So she depends on LKN Fit Life to do all her exercise planning for a full body workout session including a warm-up, cardiovascular and strength exercises, and a full-body cool-down stretch.  She also wants clear explanations and demonstrations during each session.


What if you have a busy schedule and keep putting off your own personal health and fitness?

An executive works primarily from the corporate office, but also from her home office. In spite of her demanding schedule, she recently committed to walking on her treadmill at home 30-45 minutes daily. She is an accomplished equestrian and on weekends rides for enjoyment and relaxation. With frequent travel and lunch meetings, she does her best to plan ahead to maintain healthy eating habits—both on the job and at home. Her focus with regular personal training keeps her accountable to her goal of reducing stress by remaining healthy, strong, and mobile.

What if your healthy lifestyle is temporarily derailed by injury?

A professional woman transitioned from physical therapy to personal training with LKN Fit Life. At first her upper body work consisted of the therapy exercises. Keeping the shoulder girdle pain-free was a priority while we worked on increasing her shoulder mobility, strength, and range of motion. Additional exercises focused on core stability, balance, and lower body strength. Personal training rounded out her existing activities of walking, running, and yoga. When she started horseback riding lessons, even more attention was given in our personal training sessions to improve her core strength, stability, and mobility.

What if your entire life been thrown off-track because of many challenges?

Prior to personal training, a client went through several major surgeries, a leg fracture, a move, and a divorce. She transitioned from physical therapy to personal training with LKN Fit Life with the determination to gain general body strength and endurance, to get rid of her walking cane, and to reduce her isolation and depression. Working together, she has learned self-massage techniques that are improving her mobility and feeling around the surgical sites; gradually increasing her endurance from just standing on her porch to walking cane-free around the block; and building full-body strength using fitness equipment that is transported in my backpack and car.


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